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Top 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India


Update: Check here for a list of the Fastest and Affordable internet Service Providers in India

In India , internet speed have gone down to the drains with most big ISP‘s . We have come a long way from dial-up connections to broadband and  fiber to home connections . But that development is  deceiving . Till now a majority of Indians crawl the internet rather than what we call surfing .It all became even worse when FUP ( Fair Usage Policy ) was introduced by the major Internet service providers  in India and Since then we have been having a very bad time with our ISP’s.

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The Fastest and affordable Internet Service Providers in India .


Companies began to advertise high speed broadband plans but FUP became a major deal breaker every time .  In the beginning government owned enterprises like BSNL and MTNL were our only hope for getting a internet connection . Today the scenario is totally different , as there have been a entry of many home grown private players in the ISP business . The internet speeds provided by these companies is far better than those of BSNL and MTNL but They still have to work out their last mile on providing a PAN India coverage .

When choosing a internet plan , You might have question in our mind like where to get the internet service from ? or from which ISP  ? and the most important factor will still be about getting the cheapest and the fastest speed internet connection .

Nowadays choosing an internet service provider can be a lot confusing  as there has been a mushroom growth of ISP’s in the past few years . All of these ISP’s have different plans and services and most of them are catering directly to what the Indian customers need right now , which is a Fast internet connection with affordability  . Its a big dilemma to choose among the best among of these ISP’s  . we have researched on the best internet service providers in India and wrapped it down to 5 of the best  ISP . Continue reading to find out more .

Top 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India

Note: Some of these ISP’s do not have a PAN India coverage , this article is just an Brief overview of what the Fastest Speeds in India are .

BEAM Telecom

Don’t ever try to mention this name on any of the web forums in India , people surely are going to get ultra  jealous of you . Beam was one of the first ISP’s in India to provide high speed and affordable internet connections for home consumers. They have the best Internet plans in all of India and provide internet services through fiber optics only . The only negative point is that their services are only limited to Hyderabad currently . but they are planning to going nationwide in a few months. So keep looking out for them .

ACT Broadband

ACT broadband is the parent company of Beam telecom and they offer even better plans internet services in comparison to beam . Also they provide services like IPTV , Digital TV and Analog Tv along with their Broadband connections (Fiber-to-the-home Technology) . They Ineternet plans actually offer double the FUP limit than Beam , thats makes it even better than Beam here  . Currently ACT broadband is available in Bangalore , Nellore and Vijayawada .

YOU Broadband

You broadband is another great internet service provider in India , who operate in the major metropolitan cities of India . They provide bandwidth in excess of 10 Mbps for home customers and their pricing are even affordable .  Currently their services are limited to major cities like Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Chennai , Gurgaon , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Navi mumbai , Powai ,Pune ,Surat , Thane , Vadodara and Vishakapatnam .

HAYAI Broadband 

Hayai broad is a emerging name in the ISP business ,The company  is based in Mumbai and provides internet services in Mumbai and its suburbs . Currently there are already having many cities on their expansion map , which includes cities  like Delhi , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Ahmadabad , Kolkata and many more .

The specialty about Hayai is that they don’t impose any kind of FUP on their plans rather they allow customers to download responsibly and if a customer uses this to their advantage and downloads exceedingly , they consult with the consumer and ask them  to move to  a higher plan . While this seems justifiable but we need to see what their customers say about this .

Reliance Broadband

Reliance has been a long term player in the ISP business . while they have been trying to capture a larger share of the market . but they don’t have good plans to counter the new private players in the market . Although they do have some very reasonable Internet plans with great pricing . keeping in mind that reliance is available virtually everywhere , it makes it to the list of the ISP’s with fastest internet speed in India . Keeping the current entry of private players in the ISP business , Reliance has added many new internet plans to its existing portfolio  , the cheapest of which starts at Rs 999 per month .

That was a brief list of five major Internet service providers in India with the fastest speeds,  we hope to review some more emerging internet service providers in the future soon . If you find this post resourceful and helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to us through email and leave a word about us with your friends .

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